Rental Terms


Terms for renting a vehicle in Astypalea

General Car Rental Terms:

DRIVER AGE: The minimum age requirement for drivers is 21 years.

DRIVING LICENSE: Drivers must possess a valid license for a minimum of one year.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Renters must present a credit or debit card by the pick-up of the vehicle. Online bookings using an AMEX card are not accepted, a 5% surcharge applies if payment is made with AMEX. Cash payment is also accepted. all payments are due upon receipt of the vehicle.

GUARANTEE: No guaranteed amount will be reserved for rentals in any category.

FINES AND VIOLATIONS: The lessee is responsible for all fines and administrative penalties resulting from the driver’s fault.

SAFETY: Authorized car drivers are insured against fire damage to the rental car and have civil liability insurance against third parties for death, bodily injury, and property damage, subject to the general conditions of the KYRANNOS contract with its insurance company.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY (CDW – FDW): The renter’s liability for damage to the rental vehicle can be limited to €500 for all categories by paying €10 per rental day. Damage to wheels and tyres are not covered. Liability can be further limited to €0 for all categories by paying €25 per rental day.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER/S: There is a daily fee of €3 for each additional driver.

FOR AIRPORT, PORT OR HOTEL PICKUP/DROP OFF: Transportation will be provided to and from the rental office. Alternatively, the vehicle can be delivered/picked up at the airport, port, or hotel.

PETROL/CHARGING POLICY: The vehicle must be returned with the same level of petrol as on collection. A €20 charge per ¼ less than the receiving level applies. A charge service fee of €10 is applicable for less level of battery charge to the electric vehicle.

CHILD SEATS: Child seats are available free of charge.

CHANGES OF CAR TYPE: The company reserves the right to provide a different type of car, similar or higher category, based on availability.

TRANSPORTATION BY SHIP: Transportation by ship is permitted only with prior approval from KYRANNOS. The renter accepts responsibility for any damage caused to the rented vehicle during transportation.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: 24-hour service is available at 0030 6973546118. In cases of immobilization of an electric vehicle due to a low battery level, a €25 fee applies for transporting the vehicle to the nearest KYRANNOS charging point.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Free cancellation is available up to 14 days before delivery, with a refund of the deposit.