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In Kyrannos we provide the best prices and the best services for scooter rental in Astypalaia, for ATV rental, buggy rental and moto rental in Astypalaia. 


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Moto Atv Scooter Buggy Rentals

Rent a Scooter, Moto, Buggy, Atv in Astypalaia

We have managed to provide the best prices for rent a scooter in Astypalaia and for rent a moto in Astypalaia. With us, you can rent a scooter a moto, an ATV or a quad in Astypalaia at very economical prices. Our rates are low not only in low season but even in medium and in high season.
We always offer the best prices for all kind of vehicles. We have economic prices for scooter rental in Astypalaia, for ATV rental Astypalaia, for moto – bike rental in Astypalia and also for car rental in Astypalaia. Either you look for rent a bike in Astypalaia or for rent a car in Astypalaia trust Kyrannos.
Kyrannos is the name that you can trust for rent a moto in Astypalaia and also for rent a car in Astypalaia. With Kyrannos you can be sure that you will save money and time. If you choose our moto rental services in Astypalaia, you will be sure that you will not have any unpleasant surprises.

Models for moto rental in Astypalaia


If you seek to rent a moto in Astypalaia and you like adventure we have two great enduro, on-off motos just for you. Kawasaki Sphera 150cc and Kawasaki KLX 150cc. Motos characteristics: 150cc, 4T engine, two disk brakes, manual gearbox. These models also have an electric starter, water cooled engine and can carry easily two people all over Astypalaia. That’s why we consider these two on-off models ideal for rent a moto in Astypalaia island. If you seek to rent a bike in Astypalaia trust Kyranos moto rental Astypalaia. We always offer the best.

Models for Scooter rental in Astypalaia


If you seek to rent a scooter in Astypalaia, then you are in the right place. We have the most economical and reliable scooters in Astypalaia. We have four scooter models to choose from. Piaggio Liberty 125cc, Sym Symphony 150cc, Sym Symphony St 200cc, and Piaggio Carnaby 300cc. These models are ideal for scooter rental in Astypalaia island. Also, these scooters are some from the best seller and the most reliable scooters of the world. They have very reliable and strong engines, big seats, and can carry easy two people. Finally, they are very easy to drive.

We carry out daily and weekly inspections and of course we carry out all the required safety checks before we deliver. This way we are always sure about the safety of our vehicles and the quality of our services.

Rent ATV in Astypalaia – Rent Quad in Astypalaia


If you seek to rent ATV in Astypalaia or rent quad in Astypalaia beside from the very best prices we also provide and the best service. We have two ATV models that are great. If you decided to live the ATV experience for the very first time or if you have experience in ATV – Quad riding you will love our ATV rental service. We managed to offer the best combination of price and service and for ATV rental in Astypalaia. This way you don’t have to worry about your ATV or your quad in Astypalaia. Rent an ATV in Astypalaia from Kyranos and explore this beautiful island with safety.

γουρούνες αστυπάλαια

Models for Quad – ATV rental Astypalaia


We have two models that are ideal for Quad – ATV rental in Astypalaia. The first one is a small ATV from Kawasaki, the Kymco MXU 80cc. This small ATV can carry up to two persons and is very easy to drive. Also, it’s ideal even if you have zero experience in ATV – Quad riding. If you would like an ATV in Astypalaia with more engine power, then you can choose our second ATV model. The ATV AEON Overload 200cc. This bigger ATV has a 200cc 4T engine with 13.5 Hp, rear gear and two disk brakes. This ATV is also very easy to drive even if you have zero experience. Also, the 200cc ATV can carry very easy two persons.

Best Astypalaia moto, scooter, buggy & ATV rental deals


As mentioned so far in Kyrannos Astypalaia we offer the best service and also the best price for scooter rental Astypalaia, for ATV rental in Astypalaia and bike – moto rental in Astypalaia. Also, we mentioned that we have carefully chosen the models of the scooters, the ATV and the moto that we rent in Astypalaia. What we still haven’t mentioned is what’s included in our rental prices for scooters, moto and ATV rental in Astypalaia. We left this for the end because it’s essential to know what’s included in the rental price that you see or hear.

You might see a lower rental price for scooter rental in Astypalaia or ATV rental in Astypalaia but are you sure what this price includes? If you are not sure or if it’s not clear what’s included in the rental price, in the end, you might pay much more. So please always be careful and make sure to understand what’s included and what is not. Our prices are final and include:

  • Third Part Insurance
  • Free delivery (Port - Airport)
  • Delivery in Hotels etc is also free
  • Free unlimited Kms
  • Free helmets
  • 24/7 Free road service
  • Free cancelation (up to 15 days before)
  • Final Prices
  • Free Road map
  • No hidden costs

Rent a buggy in Astypalaia


If you seek to rent a buggy in Astypalaia you are in the right place. We offer the best buggy deals in Astypalaia with many free amenities and new and well maintained vehicles. Explore our beautiful island at your own pace. Drive in style in Astypalaia with a buggy from our agency. If you want to drive in style in Astypalaia the best solution is to rent a buggy from us. We offer the best buggy rental deals alonf with the best customer experience.

Economy Buggy rental in Astypalaia


Economy buggy rentals with no hidden costs. We provide quality Astypalaia buggy hire services. Thats why we always deliver the exact buggy model that you requested and not a similar one. Rent a buggy from Astypalaia Rental Agency and get more at the most affordable prices all year round. Our cutomers are always our first priority and we make sure to have the best buggy rental experience in order to be and feel safe.

Economy buggy rentals Astypalaia

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